Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln, Lincolnshire   Tel. 01522 827527
Email: info@equineempathy.co.uk

Garry Bosworth

Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Associate
Holder of the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship


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Services / Prices

There's no way  I'm going in there This is it, I'm not going any further Actually it's not too bad after all
There's no way I'm going in there This is it, I'm not going any further Actually it's not too bad after all

Training sessions to help horses and owners experiencing difficulties with loading into trailers or lorries.
Help for horses that are reluctant to have their feet picked up, or are difficult to clip
Training for bargy/difficult to lead horses.
General training sessions to work with you and your horse on groundwork and trust building. This helps overcome many problems that owners experience with their horses.
Please note I do not teach riding. However many ridden problems can be overcome by improving the partnership with your horse on the ground.
Group sessions can be arranged

Prices for the above
£35 per hour Plus travel at: 40p per mile (round trip) - Payment via cash or cheque on the day of the visit.

Bucking, rearing, bolting and napping, amongst others, can all be issues connected with pain/discomfort. The first thing to do is have your horse thoroughly examined by a vet, physiotherapist, dentist and saddle fitter to rule out as far as possible any physical or tack related problems

If you would like me to come and give a talk/demo/clinic please contact me.


Please Note - You pay for the time I spend working on ways of improving your horse NOT to cure or 'fix' your horse.

Some client comments!

Thank you for the excellent workshop day in August, I really enjoyed it
( LF Lincs. )

Jupiter will now trust me enough to let me load him single handed
( JK Lincs. )

I took Shannan on a 45 minute journey and she hardly got warm, did not kick out or 'freak' at all. Thanks for making it possible.
( LB North Lincs. )

Sam is now a much happier horse. He is gentle, relaxed and a pleasure to work with.
( GS Hackthorn )

I saw a lot of people struggling to load their horses at the end of the day. I was very tempted to give them your name.
( JK Welton )

The girls were both shown in Duallys, the only ones without bits, and were the best behaved there. They walked, trotted and stood still when asked.

Thanks for your help in training them. (SB Rutland)





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